Scented candle


Hutte, insolent, wild and animal scented candles

Tire-fesse in French = Ski-tow

Early morning, up there on the mountain
White as an ass, some are lined up
While others are already being shot
Straight as pickets
To climb to the top without falling
"Treat your buttocks if you do not hold the stick"

A smell of fir forest, deep and green, the intensity of pine sap

190g, +/- 50h ignition

Made in France

CHF 49.00
Tax incl.


The Hutte candles are handcrafted, hand cast in containers made by a French glassmaker.
The wax candles Hutte has been the subject of a specific selection that gives them exceptional quality and olfactory rendering. Wax of 100% vegetable origin, renewable, biodegradable, no GMO, no pesticide, no herbicide, no animal matter.
Developed in Grasse, the perfume capital of the world, Hutte fragrances are the subject of a demanding selection and a particular care, between refinement and rarity. Selected and then assembled together in the Hutte workshops to give birth to a unique scent, fragrances do not contain CMR or phthalate and are not tested on animals.
The manufacture of Hutte candles starts with the application of cotton wicks that do not include any treatment.

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