Book - Haute Fondue

French / German

52 recipes to savor the supreme art of fondue Surprise your friends with a creative and exceptional fondue! Whether it is a blend of goat cheese, a half-half spiced with old mustard or a creation of chilli grappa: our authors Jennifer and Arnaud Favre are fully committed to the Swiss national dish. As founders of Fondue Favors of the Caquelon, they love trying new recipes. We have gathered the 52 best - so that each week has its fondue!

CHF 35.00
Tax incl.


You will like:
• 52 creative and varied recipes
• The perfect book for winter parties in society
• Authentic authors, Fondue experts and founders of the "Fondue Festival"
• Innovative and easy to make recipes
• Beautifully enticing photos by Dorian Rollin

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