Book - Stina

French / German

The girl who was afraid of the cold

Stína hates the cold. She does not eat ice cream, she avoids the fridge, and she wears skirts only with stockings and socks. In winter, when the snow falls and the wind blows around the houses, she stays in bed under her blanket blanket. She is so creative to keep the cold at bay! But one day, in the middle of a snowstorm, someone knocks on the door ...

From 5 years

CHF 18.00
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You will like:
• New title in the "Girl Power" collection from Helvetiq
• Adorable story and finely drawn illustrations
• For snow lovers
• Japanese author and illustrator living in Iceland, enough to know the subject

Author : Lani Yamamoto
Illustrator : Lani Yamamoto
ISBN : 978-2-940481-52-1
Pages : 44
Language(s) : DE/FR
Dimensions : 20 x 27 x 1 cm
Launch date : 8.10.2018

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