Embroidered Belt "Mountain Horizon"

Belt made in France and machine-embroidered in Portugal.
Cotton belt, machine-embroidered and holding an adjustable metal buckle.
Adjustable size. Strap width : 40mm
Item conditioned with a white cardboard ribbon.

CHF 79.00
Tax incl.


To adjust the length of your belt:
1/ Place the belt around your waist and close it.
2/ Release the strap by opening the clasp behind the buckle.
3/ Make the strap slide until it fits how you want it.
4/ Close the clasp behind the buckle to fasten the strap.
5/ Use quality fabric scissors to cut the surplus of strap.
Beware not to cut your belt too short, as the operation is irreversible. The drawn instruction manual here attached may also help you visualize the operation.

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